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Welcome New Employees

by Janet Freund  |   Aug 26, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce two new Carow Packaging team members who will play an instrumental role in our continued growth – Kylie Kaemke and Kerry Fleischmann.


Kylie Kaemke, Lab Assistant

We’ve shared before how Carow Packaging strives for the highest quality standards in all of our product offerings. It’s one of the characteristics that truly differentiates us from the competition. In fact, we are proud to be one of the few packaging companies who has a full time Quality Assurance Manager. Having quality and engineering expertise on site is a valuable asset to our customers, many of whom rely on us as an extension of their technical staff.

We are excited to welcome Kylie Keamke to the team. We look forward to Kylie applying her knowledge of preparing medical devices in a hospital setting to Carow’s product testing protocols. In addition, Kylie’s management experience will help to implement our expanded testing processes and procedures.

When asked about her new position, Kylie says she is most looking forward to “using my own creativity and structure to help ensure our sourced and Carow designed products are of the highest quality.”



Kerry Fleischmann, Product Development Analyst

To help us to continue to identify and source the best dispensing packaging products for our customers, we are happy to bring in Kerry Fleischmann as our Product Development Analyst. She will be working closely with our internal Quality, Design, Sales and Marketing teams. 

“In this exciting role, I will be developing Carow skus, from start to finish,” Kerry said. “This will include product sourcing, cost comparisons, quality control, and sales training so we can take our new products to market successfully.”

Kerry comes to us from the hospitality industry where she managed the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment categories. “My previous role encompassed everything I need for my new role at Carow Packaging,” she explains.

She adds, “With joining Carow, I’m thrilled to be learning the ins and outs of the packaging industry, and I’m lucky to be working with a group of such experienced, hardworking, caring people with the same goal in mind; supporting and solving our customers’ needs with quality products.”

Welcome Kylie and Kerry, we are so happy you are here to help us continue to serve our customers with the best products and service.

Janet Freund

Author: Janet Freund

Marketing Manager



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