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All-in-one drop measuring and dispensing solution.

One product orifice and one air orifice allow hydro-static action to transfer the product from the bottle. The improved drop dispensing technique provides an alternative to standard eye dropper pipettes.

Use for: Essential oils, tinctures, extracts and aromatherapy

Dropper Bottles

The perfect match for EuroDrop caps and inserts.

Carow dropper bottles have an 18 DIN neck designed to accommodate EuroDrop caps. Select the ideal bottle and choose a vertical or horizontal dropper insert.

Use for: Essential oils, tinctures, extracts, aromatherapy, medicine, e-liquid and cannabis

Dropper Pipettes

A practical choice for controlled dispensing.

Wide user acceptance makes a Dropper Pipette a practical dispenser. A huge selection of bulb & pipette materials, cap styles & deco options ensures the ideal dispenser is available for your package.

Use for: Health and beauty serums, vitamin drops, medicine, e-liquid and cannabis

Adaptor Caps

Fit any pump to any jar.

The versatility of the Adaptor Cap allows for unlimited choices of closure, size, shape and finish. Add a pump and jar from Carow’s vast product line to complete the package.

Use for: Jar pumps for lotion, soap, syrup and condiments 

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Sustainable Products

See our line of sustainable products.

Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet. By choosing glass for your packaging, you make it easier for your consumers to recycle it as well. See our line of sustainable glass bottles here.

Use for: Essential oils, tinctures, extracts, aromatherapy, medicine, e-liquid and cannabis 

Boston Rounds

Reliable glass container that can hold almost any liquid.

The rounded shoulder profile is recognized in the beauty, health and chemical markets. Choose from light-sensitive amber, cobalt blue or clear flint at capacities ranging from 0.5-32oz.

Use for: Essential oils, tinctures, extracts, aromatherapy, medicine, e-liquid and cannabis 

More Caps

Top it off.

Flip-top, Continuous-Thread, Child-Resistant and Tamper-Evident styles are all available. Choose from a wide variety of liners to complete your packaging.

More Containers

Store in style.

Find SnapPet compatible bottles, jars for our Adaptor Cap jar pumps and an assortment of glass and plastic containers here.


Pumps and Sprayers

Decant with ease.

Syrup, lotion, treatment or large-output pumps. Trigger and fine mist sprayers too!


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