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2020 Inventory Closeout

by Janet Freund  |   Dec 17, 2020

Q4 2020 Inventory Closeout

Take advantage of year-end inventory special closeout pricing. 

It's time again for our year-end inventory closeout! Take advantage of these deals as we clear out several units to make room for new products in 2021.

Stock up on EuroDrop®, blue and amber glass bottles, as well as a variety of closures.

Download our handy inventory closeout sheet to see the selection and call for pricing soon.

Visit our website or contact your Solution Specialist for pricing on these close-out products!


About Carow Packaging New Products

Carow Packaging has been innovating and investing in dispensing solutions since 1987.  We pride ourselves on being good listeners, and always strive to introduce products that satisfy the needs of our customers. Have a dispensing need that is not being met? We welcome the request.

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