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Carow Packaging Makes News

by Janet Freund  |   Jan 27, 2022

Last month, our President Steve Carow, was featured in both Happi and Beauty Packaging Magazine sharing the story of how Carow Packaging has made some key strategic decisions and significant investments to help our customers overcome supply chain challenges.


Last year was a tough year for importing packaging products from overseas to the U.S. We understand that if you can’t package your products, you can’t sell them. So, to help our customers get their products to market faster and with less cost, we began manufacturing our most popular products, EuroDrop® caps and dropper pipettes, in the USA. By doing so, we are able to significantly reduce lead times, improve quality, and lower cost.

To further reduce lead times, we recently announced two new stocking programs - “250K, Right Away” and “Super 10.” These initiatives commit to holding 250,000 of our top EuroDrop skus, and our 10 most requested dropper pipette styles in stock. Since we are manufacturing these items in the USA, they can easily be shipped domestically to you in weeks instead of months, and there are no international shipping costs to worry about.

In our article with Happi Magazine, Steve further discusses how manufacturing key products in the U.S. ourselves allows us to offer the highest quality products, how we are proud to be one of the few packaging providers to have a full time Quality Assurance Manager, and how to determine the Total Cost of Ownership for your primary packaging products. Our total cost of ownership is often lower than the competition, once you take into consideration any “hidden” costs.

To hear directly from our President on why to choose Carow Packaging for your next project, please see this video interview at

We’re excited to have been able to share our story of how deeply committed we are to helping our customers succeed. For more information on how we can help you overcome supply chain issues, please contact one of our Solution Specialists at 815-455-4600.

Janet Freund

Author: Janet Freund

Marketing Manager



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