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Dropper Pipettes Now Available on Carow Website

by Janet Freund  |   Jun 21, 2018


Carow is pleased to announce a new addition to the Carow website: dropper pipettes!

Dropper pipettes are the perfect choice for controlled product dispensing. Use dropper pipettes for health and beauty serums, essential oil products, vitamin drops, medicine, e-Liquid, hemp oil, and more.

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Our bulbs, caps, and pipettes are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials  to help you create a truly custom dispensing system. From glass to plastic, from long to short, from Domestic to Asian, the options for your dropper pipettes are endless. Pair your pipette choice with our wide variety of Boston Rounds or Dropper Bottles to complete your packaging.

Shop dropper pipettes here, or contact your dedicated Carow sales representative to order your free sample of our dropper pipettes.

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Janet Freund

Author: Janet Freund

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