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Employee Spotlight - Jack Phommachanhom

by Janet Freund  |   Mar 19, 2021

JackWe think we have the best employees in the industry so we are going to shine a spotlight on them from time to time. First up, Jack Phommachanhom, our Quality Assurance Manager. We asked him to share a little about himself.

"I have been involved in multiple facets of manufacturing process engineering for over 25 years. The focus of my role as Quality Assurance Manager at Carow Packaging is to support the technical needs of the company. I do this by developing core products, and by assuring that all our products, whether designed in-house or sourced from another manufacturer, meet the highest quality standards.

Not many packaging providers have a process engineer on site, so I have the opportunity to spend time with customers to help address specific product and filling issues. It’s a role that adds value to our customers and to Carow by allowing us to use what we learn to continually improve our products.

What I enjoy most about working at Carow is the support I am given to think creatively. When faced with a challenge (which I thrive on), I am encouraged to use my problem-solving skills to identify a solution and see it through to fruition. I love that I am involved in every step of the design, build and production process.

I have always had a very entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to find solutions. In my career, I have started 4 different businesses where I saw a need not being met.

On a personal note, most people don’t know I love mountain biking. It’s a passion that started when I was a boy and to this day there is nothing like the mental and physical challenge of biking through rough terrain in the woods."

We totally appreciate having Jack’s tremendous skill set in our company. Thanks for all that you do to keep our quality standards so high.

Janet Freund

Author: Janet Freund

Marketing Manager



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