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What to Consider When Choosing the Right Essential Oil Bottle

by Carow Packaging  |   Feb 27, 2024

When it comes to essential oil packaging, deciding how to transfer these extracts from the bottle to the diffuser becomes a crucial consideration. It’s not just about aesthetic appeal—other variables such as cost, materials and color come into play. Let’s consider some of the things you need to think about when selecting an essential oil bottle.

Glass vs. Plastic

Glass bottles are an excellent choice for maintaining the purity and therapeutic properties of essential oils due to their inert and non-reactive nature. Glass is heat resistant and is not prone to warping, plus it has the luxurious and high-end feel that consumers often look for. Glass has another advantage: It can be recycled without losing quality or purity, making it environmentally friendly. In fact, at Carow, our glass bottles are made of up to 70% recycled materials. However, it’s important to note that glass has high production costs and is both heavy and fragile.

Plastic bottles are lower-priced and less expensive to ship than glass but they come with risks, such as the possibility of chemical reactions between the oils and plastics. Plastic also poses light protection issues: While opaque plastic bottles provide sufficient light protection, their translucent counterparts do not, which can lead to a reduction in the shelf life of the oils. It’s also important to know that plastic cannot always be recycled efficiently, as the process often results in a loss of material quality. Consequently, the percentage of recycled material in plastic bottles on the market is generally very low.

Bottle Colors

Choosing the appropriate colors, or lack of color, for an essential oil bottle requires thoughtful consideration of both practicality and design. Clear bottles are easy to manufacture but must be stored in a dark place and are susceptible to UV damage. They are also difficult to recycle, as they can only be made from other clear glass. This is in contrast to colored bottles, which can be made with recycled amber, clear, blue or green glass. Amber or opaque glass can also better protect from UV damage; amber glass in particular has some of the strongest UV protection on the market.

Ultimately, the color is an important consideration, and the bottle will require different kinds of maintenance/upkeep to shield the oils from light-induced degradation.

Types of Bottles

Whether you prioritize precision, design or a more traditional functional application, each type of essential oil bottle serves a unique purpose.

Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are designed with precision and convenience in mind. These bottles have slender necks that provide accurate dosage and aid in controlling the intensity of aroma and the flow of droplets. All our dropper bottles feature an 18-DIN neck designed to accommodate our EuroDrop® caps for an all-in-one dispensing system. The simplicity of its design doesn’t compromise functionality—instead, it enhances the overall aesthetic, presenting a more polished and sophisticated appearance.

Boston Round

For a more traditional and user-friendly design, Boston Round bottles have a wider base and rounded shoulders. However, their neck finishes vary between bottles, making many incompatible with tamper evident or EuroDrop dispensers. As a result, different cap sets are needed for each bottle size. These bottles work with sprayers, reducers and, most commonly, dropper pipettes.

Roll On

Designed for convenient application, Roll On bottles feature a rollerball for direct skin contact, reducing oil wastage. They are also more cost-effective than alternative bottle types. Compact, portable and budget-friendly, these bottles are perfect for on-the-go aromatherapy, ensuring easy and precise use. Our line of roll-on bottles has reduced leakage compared to other brands, and we offer a rare option of 18-DIN Fitments and caps that fit onto any dropper bottle.

Choosing Wisely

Picking the right essential oil bottle is a balance between preserving the oil's integrity and meeting your practical needs. Whatever you decide, your choice must take into consideration your individual priorities, including aesthetics and functionality.

Regardless of the color or material bottle you choose, Carow Packaging offers additional advantages. Our commitment to efficiency has resulted in reduced lead times and a streamlined supply chain that guarantees a swift turnaround for your essential oil packaging needs. You also get better domestic support, further enhancing your overall experience.

Have any questions on how Carow Packaging can offer you the right bottle for your application? Contact us or give our Account Specialists a call at 815.455.4600. We are happy to help.

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