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Best Essential Oil Packaging for Precise, Liquid Drop Dispensing

by Carow Packaging  |   Jan 26, 2024

With so many brands extending their product offerings into liquid formats, demand for precise dispensing solutions is increasing.

For some liquid products, controlled dosing is essential. Manufacturers need a dispensing system that protects users by allowing them to administer the correct dosage easily and accurately.

To choose the right system for your products, it helps to know why and when controlled dispensing is needed, and the benefits of the different solutions available. For many brands, that means EuroDrop® caps and dropper pipettes—the most popular controlled dispensing solutions for essential oil packaging on the market.

There are a variety of reasons why manufacturers choose to provide controlled dosing for their liquid products. The two leading ones are to limit health risks and to improve the user experience.

How Controlled Dosing Limits Health Risks

At Carow, we find some of the most popular liquid products our customers produce are essential oils, beauty serums, tinctures and flavorings. Additionally, liquid dosing for health and wellness products has become more popular due to its convenience. Liquid dosing also provides better absorption, is easier to swallow, and offers synergism, meaning the liquid formula allows vitamins or other ingredients to work better together.

One of the drawbacks to liquid dosing is accuracy. For example, giving kids medicine can be complicated, and inaccurate dosing can cause negative side effects.

Health risks aren’t limited to medicine. According to WebMD, getting too much of a particular vitamin can lead to some health consequences. For example, Vitamin D overdose symptoms can lead to nausea, vomiting, alternating constipation and diarrhea. One of the most widely known and one of the most dangerous vitamin overdoses, particularly for children, is an iron overdose. While iron is necessary for red blood cells and the prevention of anemia, an iron overdose can lead to death. Too much iron in the blood is the leading cause of fatal poisoning in children younger than 5.

For manufacturers and consumers, it is essential to get just the right amount of liquid in each application. To get the right dose, you need the right dispenser. For example, Carow EuroDrop caps are designed to dispense by the drop, while pipettes are a good fit when dosing in milliliters.

For safety and packaging solutions like child-resistant and tamper-evident closures, check out Dispensing Product Packaging, When Safety Matters.

How Controlled Dispensing Improves the Customer Experience 

The primary focus for the sales of liquid products must always be the end user application. If customers receive a smarter type of essential oil packaging that controls dispensing, there is less mess and less waste. This saves the customer money, not to mention eliminating the frustration of unwanted spills. 

When working with essential oils, particularly those that are expensive, dispensing them accurately and efficiently is key. Some oils, such as argan, sandalwood and vetiver, are more viscous and take a long time to dole out drop-by-drop. On the other hand, oils like peppermint, lemon and tea tree pour like a fountain.

It’s important that your liquid products pour or drop as desired, so purchasers become repeat customers.

How do you control dispensing? It all comes down to choosing the right essential oil packaging system components to get the flow rate right.

What Is Flow Rate and Why It Is Important

The flow rate measures how quickly or slowly a liquid drops from a dispensing system product.

  • Too fast: the dispensing will be messy, wasteful or provide too much product causing a potential health risk
  • Too slow: your customers will assume it does not work or get frustrated
  • Just right: your customers are happy and return for more

A dropper insert is highly effective for controlling the flow of a liquid from a bottle. To get the optimal flow rate, you need to match the orifice size of the dropper insert to the viscosity of your product. At Carow, our EuroDrop caps are assembled in a wide range of dropper sizes to handle any product type and with orifice sizes from .55-1.2” to provide precise, controlled dispensing.

Want to please your customers? Get the flow rate right.

Essential Oil Packaging Liquid Dispensing Options

The two main packaging systems for liquid dispensing are EuroDrop and dropper pipettes.

With dropper pipettes, you can offer your customers measured dosing. Dropper pipettes are ideal when there is a need to dispense a small, controlled amount of liquid or if your liquid is extremely thick. Pipettes are available in glass or plastic and can be printed or marked with measurements for accurate dosing.

Download our Dropper Pipette Buyers Guide for a primer on the different components needed to deliver a great customer experience.

On the other hand, if you need controlled dosing, getting the flow rate right, or protection against product oxidation, then your best option is the EuroDrop system.

Why EuroDrop Is the Preferred Primary Essential Oil Packaging Choice

When it comes to essential oils, the EuroDrop system is the ideal packaging choice because it offers dispensing by drops, better sealing, and aggressive oils will not corrode the insert as they would a rubber pipette.

EuroDrop caps and inserts provide an all-in-one precise measuring and dropping solution. The design of the EuroDrop dropper insert features a specially formulated drop technique. Air enters the bottle when oil is dispensed, which allows a hydrostatic action to control the flow of essential oils.

The right size dropper insert can help customers get exactly what they want when using liquid products, which can build confidence in a brand and bring in future sales. To help you achieve that high level of customer experience, we have gone the extra mile by designing and manufacturing EuroDrop caps, all right here in the USA.

An additional bonus comes from the universal 18DIN neck size of the EuroDrop system. The cap can be assembled to multiple dropper insert sizes and works with any capacity 18DIN bottle. The neck finish also provides an easy transition to other dispensers, including pipettes, treatment pumps, sprayers and applicators. This makes changing volume and product offerings a breeze. 

Bottom line: EuroDrop is the best option for essential oil packaging, providing manufacturers with a range of bottle, cap and dropper insert options that best meet the expectations of specific types of liquids and provide a great user experience.

At a quick glance, this chart illustrates when to choose the EuroDrop and dropper pipette systems.


EuroDrop_Dropper_Pipette_Comparison Chart-1

The Importance of Child-Resistant, Tamper-Evident and CRTE caps

The EuroDrop system is available with a variety of protective options: child-resistant caps, tamper-evident caps and CRTC caps. Child-resistant caps are designed to make opening a cap more difficult for children who have limited dexterity and strength, preventing them from ingesting a product or coming into contact with harmful substances. These caps were first developed in the 1960s and immediately led to a 45% decrease in the fatality rate among children five and younger. On the other hand, a tamper-evident seal instantly reveals if a product has been opened previously and was produced following the Tylenol medicine poisoning scare in the early 1980s. A CRTE cap is child-resistant (CR) and tamper-evident (TE).

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