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The Dreaded "L" Word (Leaking) and How 18DIN Helps Avoid It

by Janet Freund  |   Sep 28, 2022

Liquid products can be messy, especially if the dreaded “L” word – leaks – happen. Leaking oils, serums, flavorings, or supplements can make the outside of the bottle look bad, create a mess for the consumer, and lead to wasted product. Leaks can also cost you money – in terms of lost sales from a bad customer experience and costs incurred with quality testing to identify the source of the leaks!

Leakage occurs for two primary reasons – incompatible components or a faulty filling process. So, choosing quality packaging materials and creating a proper capping setup are going to be very important to ensure a good customer experience. We’ll cover both here to help you avoid the dreaded “L” word.



The best way to avoid leaking is to choose the right dispensing system from the start. It’s important that your serums, tinctures, or oils drop, pour or spray as desired. That’s what encourages purchasers to become repeat customers.

For the right dispensing system that won’t leak, you’ll need to select compatible bottles and closures. That’s where the 18DIN ecoverse of packaging components comes in to play.

18DIN Ecoverse Family Product Shot

All products in the 18DIN ecoverse have the universal standard 18DIN neck size and are designed to work together to ensure a proper fit every time.  The closures included in the 18DIN ecoverse are: 

EuroDrop® caps, dropper pipettes, roller balls, applicators, and treatments pumps and sprayers.  Each of these closures is compatible with any capacity Dropper bottle with and 18DIN neck. EuroDrop caps and Dropper bottles are the industry standard for dispensing and storing liquid products, especially essential oils, due to the tight fit that reduces leaking. In fact, Carow Packaging designed their own EuroDrop caps to exceed the highest design standards to ensure a proper fit from the first cap to the last.

Here’s a quick primer on how the 18DIN Neck and the EuroDrop ecoverse can help you.

As we stated earlier, a cap needs to fit a bottle exactly to prevent leakage, product spoilage, or lost time troubleshooting the capping process. That’s why standard sizing in primary packaging matters.

18DIN neck Dropper bottle wArrow_TextThe 18DIN size bottle neck finish features threads that are the same diameter. As a result, the turns per centimeter are the same on all bottle necks, guaranteeing the neck opening is a standard size.

This consistency leads to less time spent testing and fewer capping issues, saving you time and money.

18DIN capAn added benefit of selecting a cap with an 18DIN neck finish is the option for built-in tamper evidence. When the tamper evident band of a cap slides over the transfer ring of a dropper bottle, no shrink wrapping is needed to ensure the product has not been opened. If the frangibles (little white plastic teeth between the cap and ring) are connected, you know your product is secure.

Bottom line, the standardization of the 18DIN equates to smooth capping to avoid leaks. The added benefits of the 18DIN Ecoverse of products, like the built-in tamper evident ring and the ability to interchange bottle size and closure type, are hard to beat.



Choosing the right process for capping essential oils and other liquid products is your company’s ultimate opportunity to satisfy your customers. If you select the proper capping setup, the liquid drops or pours as desired, the bottle cap does not leak, and purchasers become repeat customers.

manufacturingIn addition to incompatible products, leakage can also be caused during filling and capping. The process for capping essential oils, for example has three phases: dropper insertion, tamper band traveling over transfer ring, and tightening of the cap.  Overfilling or an inadequate torque program can impact any of the phases contributing to leaking.

You can read more about quality issues and troubleshooting here. Or for detailed information on capping, please download our Essential Oil Dispensing Guide.

Questions about our 18DIN ecoverse of products? Give our Account Specialists a call at 815-455-4600. We supply a wide selection of 18DIN bottles, caps, and dropper solutions, many of which are in stock, made in the USA, and ready to ship.

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