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Glass Recycling 101: Making the Best Choice For Your Packaging Needs

by Steve Carow  |   Jul 5, 2018
According to those in Europe (GPI), glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet. In fact, when you recycle glass,...

Why EuroDrop Is the Best Choice for Essential Oil Dispensing

by Steve Carow  |   Jun 14, 2018
When working with essential oils, every drop matters. Recipes, blends, and dosages all call for precise amounts of oils. More importantly, vendors...

Top 5 Issues With Essential Oil Bottles and How to Avoid Them

by Jack Phommachanhom  |   May 22, 2018
  As an essential oil distributor, your main priority is customer satisfaction. So how do you avoid negative feedback? Provide your customers...

Everything You Need to Know About Child-Resistant Packaging Regulations

by Steve Carow  |   May 10, 2018
Having a child injured due to faulty packaging is a tragedy and a worst-case scenario for any company. Along with the physical harm caused by...

Which Colored Glass is Best for Essential Oils?

by Dean Gavney  |   Apr 17, 2018
When choosing glass bottles for your essential oils, you will have a variety of colors to choose from. While it may be tempting to choose the most...

A Checklist to Evaluate Your Essential Oil Packaging Vendor

by Steve Carow  |   Mar 29, 2018
As you coordinate any packaging venture, you need a team to support your mission. This team should include leaders in their relative industries,...