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ALERT! Ocean Transport Delays. Order Now for Q4.

by Janet Freund  |   Jun 22, 2021


We wanted to alert our customers to the fact that COVID continues to impact the global supply chain. Container shortages and congested ports are causing international shipping delays that are contributing to product shortages and higher costs. In fact, fresh coronavirus outbreaks in Southern China last week are threatening to create new bottlenecks for container shipments.  

Freight capacity remains very tight and expensive. It’s not unheard of to see double or triple the shipping cost from last year. But even with inflated pricing, many carriers will still not guarantee sailing dates, forcing suppliers to upgrade to even more costly premium freight pricing or run the risk of not getting products in your hands to meet consumer demand.

Bottom line, if you plan to fill product in Q4, you need to order primary packaging now!

But don’t panic. We are here to help our customers in two ways.

  1. Our sales and support teams are skilled in logistics to help you avoid delays and meet demand. In addition, we can analyze historical product usage and layer in projected sales to get you the most accurate order forecast.
  2. We have domestic products available to meet your needs. We have invested heavily over the last few years to manufacturer our EuroDrop® Caps and Pipette Caps (now available in color) right here in the USA. This offers our customers significantly shorter leads times, lower shipping costs, and domestic customer service so you can speak to someone in your time zone should you have a question.

It’s easy to place your order. Call one of our Solutions Specialists at 815-455-4600. We are happy to help you avoid any missed sales opportunities. You can count on Carow.

Janet Freund

Author: Janet Freund

Marketing Manager



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